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Ridgefield Evening Prayer

Ridgefield Evening Prayer
Photo by Shane Rounce / Unsplash

You are invited!

This page is a brief description of what we hope to see happen in Ridgefield. Please feel free to contact us with any questions (info below). We would love to meet with any curious and/or like-minded people. There might even be local wine involved...

What is it?

The video below gives a detailed description and walk-through. In short, Evening Prayer is a guided time of scripture reading and prayer in the Anglican liturgical tradition as found in the 2019 Book of Common Prayer (PDF linked below). "Liturgy" means "work of the people." It isn't something you come and watch, it's something you come and participate in. We want to reach our community for Jesus and we are starting with one another in prayer and scripture.

The Details

  • Hosts: Corby and Jessica Stephens. Clark Co. natives, new to Ridgfield, 25+ years of ministry experience.
  • When: Saturday evenings, specific time TBD
  • Where: We live in the recently finished Kemper Loop development off of N Pioneer Canyon Dr and N 35th Ave in Ridgefield

The Video

This video is a 30 minute walk-through of the Evening Prayer liturgy with some commentary and Q&A along the way, hosted by Corby. Download the PDF below to follow along.

Book of Common Prayer

PDF of The Book of Common Prayer, 2019 page 41 for Evening Prayer.


  • eMail:
  • Text/call: 360-787-0243. If you call, please leave a voicemail as this is also my work phone.

Those are the basics. The rest of the document goes into a bit more detail about who we are and what we hope to see happen in Ridgefield for Jesus. Curiosity piqued? Keep reading!

Brief Bio

Corby and Jess have been married for 28 years. Corby graduated from Hudson’s Bay and Jess from Prairie in the early 90s. We both graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in 1995 and have been in some form of ministry ever since, including pastoring two churches. While we are pushing 50, we are young-at-heart and want to be a part of connecting people to Jesus. We’ve been through a few things in our life together and we want to walk with others.

In 2018 we found our way into the Anglican family and have never felt closer to Jesus. In October of 2022 Corby was ordained as a Deacon in the Diocese of Cascadia in the Anglican Church of North America. He hopes to become a priest in the near future.

Corby is the IT Director at King’s Way Christian School and Vancouver Church. Jess is a certified Spiritual Director and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner under her own business called Tree & Leaf Wellness. She also works from home as a medical biller.

Our two adult sons live with us (one of them married), along with two Saint Bernards, one Great Dane, one miniature Italian Greyhound, and two cats. Yes, we have room for people to gather. If you have any pet allergies, we should probably talk. :-)

What we hope to see happen

This ancient model of the church gathering and community serving has impacted us so strongly that we want others to experience it. To that end we are hoping that this home gathering grows into a church plant. At one point, “Anglican” and “liturgy” were foreign words to us, even words to be avoided. However, after 25 years of non-denominational ministry, we found that what we were looking for was there all along. Please ask us questions!

We want to church local. We want to encourage and equip followers of Jesus in their lives with Him, and then send them out to serve Ridgefield. We think of Ridgefield as our “parish” so the focus will be on gathering people from here, and less so from across the county. We want to primarily be a community church and less of a commuter church. (If you live elsewhere in the county, or wherever, and are interested in this kind of gathering, let’s talk.)